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False Pretense - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

Beartooth - Beaten in Lips
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Beartooth - Beaten in Lips

The Front Bottoms - Everything I Own (Acoustic)
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But who’s gonna push my wheelchair around when I get sick?
God forbid I ever stop feeling sorry for myself, for being selfish
This is not the way I plan on living for the rest of my life
But for right now, it gets me by, you wanna go get high?

Tigers Jaw - Hum
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Tigers Jaw - Hum

Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons
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ASAP Rocky - ASAP Rocky-Trilla Feat ASAP Twelvy ASAP Nast Prod By Beautiful Lou
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The Front Bottoms - Flying Model Rockets
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Flying model rockets own the sky in the backyard next to mine
I get these strange phone calls at night with no one on the other side
My brother’s friend explains to me with breathless words and bloody knees
It’s a black eyed trust, respect with pain.
A love I’ll learn when I’ve been through the same.


Rhode Island” by The Front Bottoms

Everything you’re feeling is common 
Even though you never felt so alone 
I could probably catch a ride to your house 
Or borrow a bike to get back home 

She says you gotta promise not to break 
No matter how far you are bent 
She says I gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again 
We both choose the same tone mine was an alarm clock ringing from a cell phone
Mouth the words to me so we can keep things quiet 
And I’ll still know exactly what you mean. 

Magic! - Rude
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Tigers Jaw - Dent
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Tigers Jaw - Dent

It’s the art of finding out everything you wanted to know.
It’s the art of getting everything you wanted from me.
It’s the art of laying low,
Leave all your friends wondering where you’ve been.
It’s the art of letting me down,
And you perfected that.

You swore that everything was fine.

Charli XCX - Superlove
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superlove- charli xcx

The Front Bottoms - Jim Bogart
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I would sleep better on your floor, than I would ever in my bed, and if your carpet makes my face itch, it’d still be heaven in my head. I would play more than just four chords, if it’s a song that you might like. And I am not very good, but I would practice every night. 

And she said, “Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, the way they should flow through. Sometimes things just don’t work out, the way you want them to. Sometimes things just don’t work out, it’s better me than it is you.”

"Break your neck, and I will love you like a bird that cannot fly, you will be fine" and she said, "Break your neck, and I will love you every night,you will be mine.

PVRIS - Waking Up
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Pvris - Mind Over Matter
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Her voice is one of the best in the scene, imagine old paramore but a bit heavier

Paris - Demon Limbs
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"This change is all so permanent